C2ES Staff

C2ES staff is a diverse and dedicated group of professionals with expertise in areas ranging from public policy to environmental science to economics.

For details on each staff member, click on the names below.

Bob Perciasepe
Federal and state climate policy, air and water quality, natural resource management.
Elliot Diringer
Executive Vice President
International climate policy, UNFCCC negotiations
Janet Peace
Senior Vice President, Policy and Business Strategy
Business resilience/adaptation to climate change, market-based environmental policy, corporate engagement on environmental policy


Solutions Fellow
Carbon capture, use, and storage (CCUS); financing emerging technologies.
Policy and Business Fellow
Federal and state environmental policy, corporate sustainability, voluntary partnerships, carbon pricing, climate resilience
Senior Advisor
Climate science, climate change impacts and extreme weather, climate adaptation and resilience
Director of Operations
Senior Advisor
Climate science, climate change implications for national security
International Fellow
International environmental law, UNFCCC negotiations, including transparency and adaptation
Director of Development
Senior Solutions Fellow, Policy and Resilience
Carbon markets, state and federal climate policy, climate resilience, and climate science.
Systems Administrator
Senior Solutions Fellow, Director of Sustainability and Engagement
Local climate policy, sustainability and green living, employee engagement, personal carbon footprint
Communications Manager
Director of Communications
Senior Advisor
Information technology and sustainability, short-lived climate pollutants, airline sector
Director, Business Strategy and Partnerships
Business strategies related to climate change and sustainability; corporate sustainability reporting and disclosure; business engagement on climate and energy policy
Director of Outreach
Leveraging natural gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, climate legislation
Senior Energy Fellow
U.S. and global energy and emissions trends, distributed generation, energy technology
Solutions Fellow
Transportation policy, plug-in electric vehicles.
Solutions and Outreach Fellow
Information technology and sustainability, congressional outreach