Resilience Solutions

Even as we work to avoid worse impacts in the future, the public and private sectors must act now to strengthen our resilience to the unavoidable impacts of warming that’s already underway.

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Building resilience on a foundation of solid climate risk information
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Climate can affect housing costs, communities
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U.S. farmers can plow fertile ground for climate solutions
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Accelerating resilience thanks to long-overdue funding
Leveraging Nature-Based Solutions to Drive Down Emissions
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Sustainable street initiatives help U.S. cities cope with COVID
Factoring in Climate Resilience for City Competitiveness
The Competitive Edge of Resilient Cities
The Resilience Factor: A Competitive Edge for Climate-Ready Cities

Increasingly, U.S. cities and regions are facing costly climate impacts that are having significant effects on local businesses and communities. This report explores how the economic competitiveness of U.S. cities will be impacted as climate impacts worsen – and how …

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Preserving City Competitiveness: The Benefits of Climate Resilience