Building Climate Resilience

In the face of increasing climate impacts, climate resilience is critical for communities and businesses to thrive. C2ES advances new resilience strategies, provides leading policy analysis, and convenes stakeholders around emerging challenges to build broad support for action and make investment in resilience a clear choice for public and private decision-makers.

To ensure a thriving future, businesses, communities, states, and the federal government must prepare for climate impacts. Each can play a unique role to advance resilience efforts, and we focus on the unique strategies and opportunities these stakeholders can take to address operational risks and improve collaborative efforts. A central theme of our approach is to highlight the positive outcomes and economic benefits that climate resilience activities can provide communities and businesses, including to historically marginalized communities in the most vulnerable places.

Featured Publications

Resilience Roles for Companies

This brief offers a blueprint for the business community to contribute vital resources, funding, and expertise to the communities where they operate, to help them prepare for and recover from climate change impacts and extreme weather.

Accelerating Resilience: Wildfire and Heat Strategies for Colorado’s North Front Range

This summary report explores seven Key Action Areas to advance resilience in Colorado’s North Front Range to wildfire and heat, based on stakeholder discussions from our Climate Resilient Communities Accelerator.

Federal Policy Action Plan

This C2ES action plan offers recommendations for how the federal government can better support and accelerate local climate resilience at a pivotal time for bold federal leadership on climate.

Climate Resilience Pathways: Catalyzing Private Sector Action

Businesses play a pivotal role in driving forward resilience and mitigating the dire impacts of climate change. C2ES, Resilience Rising, and Resilience First have published a new report and crafted a set of guiding principles aimed at inspiring decisive, private sector action.

Our Approach

Supporting Thriving Communities

C2ES helps U.S. communities plan for climate resilience and take action. Our thought leadership and stakeholder convenings focus on addressing unanswered questions, strengthening collaboration, supporting marginalized communities, and highlighting successful strategies to prepare and adapt to a changing climate.

Supporting Thriving Communities

Advancing Business Leadership on Climate Resilience

C2ES supports major companies in assessing climate risks and implementing climate risk mitigation and resilience actions outlined in corporate plans and disclosures. Our approach focuses on elevating corporate leadership and the important role the private sector can play in building a climate-resilient future.

Advancing Business Leadership

Advancing Federal Leadership and Support

C2ES works to ensure the federal government provides critical and accessible resources to support climate resilient communities and businesses. Our policy analysis and stakeholder convening identify new federal opportunities and priority needs to address implementation challenges.

Federal Leadership and Support