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Achieving a true low-carbon transition requires an array of innovative technologies, including renewable energy, alternative vehicles, advanced nuclear power, and carbon capture, use and storage.

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Unlocking the climate benefits of new grid technologies
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A fresh wave of carbon capture and removal projects
A Building Block for Climate Action: Reporting on Embodied Emissions

Greenhouse gases can be emitted across various stages of a product’s life cycle, from raw materials and manufacturing to disposal. These emissions are often referred to as a product’s “embodied emissions.” Currently, the most common way of reporting product-level data …

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Climate-Proofing the Grid: Strategies for Grid Modernization and Climate Resilience
Thermal Energy Storage: An Opportunity for Industrial Decarbonization
U.S. State Clean Vehicle Policies and Incentives

The transportation sector became the largest source of U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2016. Driven by increased travel demand, low fuel prices, and urban sprawl, transportation emissions grew about 23 percent between 1990 to 2019. To change this trajectory, …

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Climate Solutions: Unleashing the Potential of Fusion Energy
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No time for tilting at offshore wind
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Electric vehicle ads go mainstream at the Super Bowl
Renewable Energy