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Achieving a true low-carbon transition requires an array of innovative technologies, including renewable energy, alternative vehicles, advanced nuclear power, and carbon capture, use and storage.

Accelerating the EV Market: Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks
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EVs are for women, too: a missing demographic
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The Climate Case for Hydrogen
Insights on Electric Trucks for Retailers and Trucking Companies

The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) has partnered with the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), Atlas Public Policy, and David Gardiner and Associates (DGA) to explore the landscape and outlook for electric trucks for freight movement. This joint …

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Accelerating Electric Truck and EV Charging Infrastructure
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The problem with our SUV love affair
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Charting a Straighter Path to the Circular Carbon Economy
Direct Air Capture: A Guide to Private Sector Planning
Carbon Utilization: A Vital and Effective Pathway for Decarbonization

The capture and utilization of CO2 and other carbon oxides emitted from power generation and industrial facilities has been technologically feasible for generations and has gained greater attention in recent years as a tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Captured …

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Opportunities in Carbon Utilization: A Vital Pathway to Decarbonization