Climate change is a global challenge that requires global solutions. Efforts like the Paris Agreement strengthen confidence that all countries are doing their share, helping each country do even more.

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C2ES Events at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh
COP27 Sharm El-Sheikh
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COP27: The pivot to implementation and the private sector’s role
Global Stocktake: An Opportunity for Ambition
COP 27: Issues and Options for a Global Goal on Adaptation

Adaptation continues to be a high priority, and the delivery on adaptation-related topics and mandates will be integral to achieving a successful outcome at COP27. Adaptation under the Paris Agreement has several important features that together create a system that …

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C2ES COP27 Media Briefing
What does the COP26 Outcome on Article 6 Mean for Non-Party Stakeholders?

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement established a framework for countries to cooperate in achieving their climate commitments (nationally determined contributions, NDCs), using market mechanisms to enable greater ambition than they could achieve independently. The Paris Agreement implementing guidance finalized …

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Loss and Damage
COP27: Considerations for a Loss & Damage Finance Facility

This paper explores options for loss and damage (L&D) finance under the current and proposed mechanisms of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change  and is complemented by a prior paper on The Institutional Ecosystem for L&D. There are a …

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COP27: The Mitigation Work Programme & The Ministerial Roundtable

To be most effective, the Mitigation Work Programme (MWP) could usefully aim to:  generate discussions that are facilitative, constructive, innovative, and catalytic  be inclusive and ensure a diversity of participation, including by policymakers and implementers  generate clear signals in support …

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