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For questions about making a donation or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kristin Gunn, development associate.

Speaker Request

To request a C2ES expert for a speaking engagement or event, please address an email to and be sure to include ALL of the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Contact information (phone or e-mail)
  3. Name of C2ES staff member you would like to request for the event (see our staff bios for background on C2ES staff)
  4. Date of event
  5. Location of event
  6. Whether the request is for a keynote speech, panel participation, or otherwise
  7. Topic of discussion
  8. Whether or not travel expenses can/will be covered or if an honorarium is offered
  9. Who makes up the general audience and how many will be in attendance
  10. Other invited/confirmed speakers for the event

Upon receiving your request, we will review and respond within 5 business days. If the matter is urgent, or if you are a reporter seeking an interview, please contact the press department at 703-516-4146.

Copyright Permission

To request permission to reprint or reuse materials from our website and/or publications, please address an email to and be sure to include ALL of the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Contact information (phone or e-mail)
  3. Item to be reused or reprinted (please use full title and URL when possible)
  4. Portion to be reused or reprinted (e.g. a chart, graph, text – cite page number where possible)
  5. How the item will be reused or reprinted (e.g. for a presentation, for a book, for a news article, etc.
  6. Whether or not the reprinted information will be used for educational purposes or sold for commercial purposes

Once we have received your request we will review it and respond within 2 business days. If you are a reporter on deadline, please call +1 703 516 4146 to be connected with the press department immediately.

C2ES does not place paid content or unsolicited content on our website and will not respond to such inquiries.