Climate-Proofing the Grid: Strategies for Grid Modernization and Climate Resilience

As decarbonization efforts accelerate and severe weather events become more common in a changing climate, electric grid systems and the communities and businesses that rely on them are seeing increasing impacts. Grid modernization strategies and technologies—from grid hardening and smart grid technologies to distributed energy resources, virtual power plants, and storage capacity (e.g., microgrids)—can increase the resilience of electricity infrastructure to extreme weather and decarbonization activities, making power more reliable and decreasing the costs.

This webinar will explore the various technologies and strategies that can be used to modernize the grid and improve climate resilience, those technologies at scale, and policy mechanisms and steps that can accelerate their adoption.


Bill Hetherington
CEO | Bandera Electric Cooperative
Karen Wayland
CEO | GridWise Alliance
Larry Bekkedahl
Senior Vice President, Advanced Energy Delivery | Portland General Electric
Michael Bates
General Manager, Energy Vertical | Intel
David Holmes
General Manager, Energy | Dell Technologies