Diandra Angiello

Technology Innovation Policy Associate Fellow, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Diandra Angiello is the Technology Innovation Policy Associate Fellow at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES). Her work supports C2ES’s technology working group program where she helps deliver high-impact outcomes from working groups focused on four critical-path technologies: engineered carbon removal, sustainable aviation fuels, long-duration energy storage, and clean hydrogen. These technology working groups provide a venue where critical-path technology stakeholders can regularly convene to share information, collaborate, and problem solve.

Before joining C2ES, Ms. Angiello was a Policy Associate at Capture6, a direct air capture startup. Her professional and academic work has focused on emerging technologies, climate adaptation and resilience, and scaling equitable climate solutions.

Ms. Angiello has an M.A. in climate and society from Columbia Climate School, and a B.A. in communication, law, economics, and government from the School of Public Affairs at American University.