C2ES Staff

C2ES staff is a diverse and dedicated group of professionals with expertise in areas ranging from public policy to environmental science to economics.

For details on each staff member, click on the names below.

Kyle Aarons
Senior Fellow

John Marzabadi
Administrative/Accounts Payable Assistant

Joe Casola
Staff Scientist
Program Director, Science and Impact

Amy Morsch
Program Manager, Make an Impact

Eileen Claussen

Nick Nigro
Senior Manager, Transportation Initiatives

Adria Cooper
Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Marty Niland
Communications Manager

Elliot Diringer
Executive Vice President

Janet Peace
VP, Markets & Business Strategy

Patrick Falwell
Solutions Fellow

Ellie Ramm
Project Coordinator, Make an Impact

Matt Frades
Finance Fellow

Laura Rehrmann
Director of Communications

Jay Gulledge 
Senior Advisor

Stephen Seidel
Senior Advisor

Jeff Hopkins
VP, Policy and Analysis

Flor Teng
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Huang
International Fellow

Joan Triggs
Chief Financial Officer

Timothy Juliani
Director of Corporate Engagement

Michael Tubman
Senior Fellow

Robert Leipold
Director of Development

Doug Vine
Senior Energy Fellow

Katy Maher
Science and Impacts Fellow

Jason Ye

Katie Mandes
VP, Community Engagement
Director, Make an Impact


Anthony Mansell
International Fellow