International Climate Diplomacy and Engagement

C2ES engages with a global network of partners – ministers, senior government negotiators and officials, international organizations, civil society, and the private sector – to prioritize ambitious climate action. We do this through informal diplomatic dialogues, public and bilateral engagement, and technical work in support of the international climate change regime.

The Paris Agreement and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) provide a critical basis for governments to cooperate on climate change – impactful climate diplomacy can maximize climate action, greater cooperation, and increased ambition.
With close to two decades of engagement in climate diplomacy, C2ES (and its previous incarnation as the Pew Center for Global Climate Change) has carved out a unique and trusted role, based on integrity and professional excellence.


Engaging international delegations for more than a decade:

The Paris Agreement

A final co-chairs’ report from Toward 2015: Building an Effective Climate Agreement dialogues, which drew upon nearly 100 hours of discussion among senior negotiators from 20 or so countries on options for the Paris Agreement, was presented to ministers at the July 2015 meeting of the Major Economies Forum and showed very strong convergence between the Paris Agreement and the landing zones outlined in report.

The 'Paris Rulebook'

In November 2018, C2ES released a report, Essential Elements of the Paris ‘Rulebook’, outlining the areas of convergence that emerged in the course of C2ES discussions.

Heads of Delegations (HODs)

Since 2019, C2ES has continued to convene HODs to help reach agreement on open issues, including in relation to the Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM) for Loss and damage (which was helpful in setting the stage for a successful conclusion of the WIM review at COP25).

The C2ES international team has a wide range of relevant expertise and experience, including a former lead negotiator on climate change and former senior advisor in the UN Secretary General’s climate team, former members of the UNFCCC Secretariat, and a former member of a COP Presidency. We also work with world leading advisors and consultants.

Publications and reports


Technical papers and submissions

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