The Santiago Network: Decision Options for COP27

This paper presents options for each of the elements of a possible decision on the Santiago Network (SN) to be adopted at the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27), based on the draft element text considered at 56th Subsidiary Body meeting. These elements include: operational modalities (structure, roles, and necessary processes); the role(s) of the Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM) Executive Committee (ExCom) and its expert groups, task force, and technical expert groups; the role of loss and damage (L&D) contact points and other relevant stakeholders at the subnational, national, and regional level; possible elements for the terms of reference (TORs) of a potential convening or coordinating body that may provide secretarial services to facilitate work under the SN; funding; and selection processes.

Many choices are interrelated; choosing one option will affect or determine other options. For instance, whether to establish the SN under WIM and/or ExCom is the determining factor for the role of ExCom in the SN.