Climate change is a global challenge that requires global solutions. Efforts like the Paris Agreement strengthen confidence that all countries are doing their share, helping each country do even more.

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Breaking through the Montreal Protocol stalemate
China’s Contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement

Based on analysis by some of the world’s leading  energy institutes, China’s INDC represents a significant undertaking beyond business-as-usual and will help slow the rise in global greenhouse gas emissions. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), International Energy …

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Vision for Paris: Building an Effective Climate Agreement

This report outlines the emerging elements of a Paris climate agreement based on in-depth discussions among senior climate negotiators from leading countries. The report foresees a durable legal agreement that sets binding commitments for all parties, holds countries accountable, and …

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China’s provinces learn how to reduce emissions with trading
How Canada and the U.S. can lead together on climate change

June 27, 2015 The (Toronto) Globe and Mail Op-Ed by Janet Peace With fossil fuel production going strong on both sides of the border, Canada and the United States face similar challenges in balancing energy and economic priorities with the …

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Pope Francis highlights the moral imperative of climate action
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Legal Issues in the Durban Platform Negotiations
Addressing Finance in a 2015 Climate Agreement

A central issue in the Paris climate negotiations is how the new global climate agreement to be reached this year can help strengthen climate finance for developing countries. Developed countries have committed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate …

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Addressing Adaptation in a 2015 Climate Agreement

With the adverse effects of climate change becoming more frequent and intense, all countries face increasing climate risks and adaptation needs. The negotiations toward a new climate agreement in 2015 present an unparalleled opportunity to elevate and advance climate adaptation …

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Key Legal Issues in a 2015 Climate Agreement

In fashioning the new international climate change agreement to be adopted later this year in Paris, parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)1 must address a range of legal issues. This brief outlines some of the …

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