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Achieving a true low-carbon transition requires an array of innovative technologies, including renewable energy, alternative vehicles, advanced nuclear power, and carbon capture, use and storage.

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Opportunities for carbon capture in California
Key Insights for Expanding Microgrid Development

C2ES held a half-day Solutions Forum in March 2017 in Washington, D.C., focusing on the benefits of microgrids and examining what is standing in the way of accelerating their deployment. Two panels, comprising business and city leaders, shared their first-hand …

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Financing Microgrids: Opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships
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Microgrids: Building tomorrow’s resilient, efficient, low-emissions electricity system
Microgrid Momentum: Building Efficient, Resilient Power

Microgrids are not a traditional or typical infrastructure investment for utilities, nor has the existing electric power industry been structured to facilitate development of microgrids by non-utilities. This research paper seeks to identify financial and legal barriers to the development …

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EV sales are up, but we still need fuel economy standards
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How about using that captured carbon?
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Microgrid Momentum: Building Efficient, Resilient Power
CO2 Utilization: A Look Ahead

This article appeared in the December 2016 edition of Carbon Capture Journal Introduction Finding ways to convert carbon dioxide from an energy and industrial sector waste product to a useful commodity could spur the development of new technologies, products, and …

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Financing carbon capture: Corporate partners lead the way