Engineered Carbon Removal Working Group

Engineered carbon removal (ECR) is crucial to achieving deep decarbonization by midcentury. It is a necessary complement to rapid emissions reductions and the transition to clean energy. The ECR working group convenes companies across the ECR value chain, including innovative engineered carbon removal startups, companies, and financiers. This working group is focused on direct air capture (DAC) and biomass with carbon removal and storage (BiCRS) solutions.

Working Group Goals

  • Create a venue for stakeholders to analyze engineered carbon removal (ECR) technologies, the markets they will be deployed within, the barriers to large-scale deployment, and the policy steps necessary to accelerate commercialization.
  • Produce key insights to educate policymakers and other stakeholders on ECR technologies and the policies that will be needed to scale them.
  • Build a coalition of innovators and leading companies aligned around a shared vision for the role of ECR technologies in achieving net zero targets, and the policies and market mechanisms that enable their broad and responsible commercial deployment.


The Engineered Carbon Removal Ecosystem

The engineered carbon removal ecosystem: includes key components of the supply chain as well as important ecosystem forces. The operational supply chain excludes a “biomass feedstock” input into BiCRS because this working group is focused on shared infrastructure/resources between DAC and BiCRS. The ecosystem forces include key local, market, and government factors that will influence the long-term success of the ECR industry.

Working Group Priorities

Build the ECR ecosystem

As a venue for voices from across the entire value chain, we help build consensus across the ECR industry and provide policymakers a holistic view of the challenges to scaling ECR.

Gain cutting edge insights

Reflecting that ECR is a nascent technology and growing industry, participation in the working group provides an opportunity to learn from other working group members on how ECR technology trends are evolving.

Foster peer connection

The working group offers a venue for conversation and collaboration across the industry, including between companies who may not normally engage with each other.

Inform federal ECR policy

By convening a diverse group of stakeholders that represent the entire ecosystem, we develop more effective policy solutions and have a stronger voice as a coalition advocating for them.

Key Publications

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The Power of Procurement: Scaling the carbon dioxide removal market

This blog reviews how the CO2 Removal Purchasing Challenge leverages the CDR Purchase Pilot Prize, a key federal carbon dioxide removal (CDR) procurement initiative, and summarizes our comments on the CO2 RP Challenge’s Notice of Intent.

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