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Japan Summit highlights countries’ investments in hydrogen
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Investing in innovation is key to net-zero emissions
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Promising solutions for zero-emission nuclear power
Promising Market and Federal Solutions for Existing Nuclear Power

Since late 2012, six of the 104 nuclear reactors in the United States have retired. An additional 13 reactor retirements by 2025 have been announced. These early retirements impact the United States’ ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet …

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One small step for Congress
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Zero-Carbon Power: Maintaining U.S. Nuclear Capacity
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A New Zero Emission Coalition?
Overview: Technology
Nuclear Energy
Key Insights for Valuing and Preserving the Benefits of Nuclear Energy

C2ES held a Solutions Forum in July 2017 in Carmel, Indiana, focusing on challenges facing nuclear energy and various approaches to preserving the existing fleet of generation. Three panels comprising business, government, power market, think tank, and other experts shared …

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