Steven Schultz, Corporate Energy Manager, 3M

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Steven Schultz has global responsibility for 3M's energy management program with the objectives of reducing operating costs, environmental impacts, achieving corporate energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals and positioning 3M for future growth.  His role includes strategic planning, development and implementation of programs and tools to achieve corporate goals, and oversight of corporate data tracking and measurement systems. Mr. Schultz coordinates 3M's participation in various voluntary programs such as the U.S. Environmental Protetion Agency's ENERGY STAR program which has awarded 3M the Sustained Excellence Award Energy Management for five consecutive years and the U.S. Department of Energy Save Energy Now Leaders program.

Mr. Schultz is a Certified Energy Manager with the Association of Energy Engineers and was named a Champion of Energy Efficiency by the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy.  He participates in an advisory role with the U.S. Department of Energy Industrial Technologies Program and participates on the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Energy Policy Committee.

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