Jay Golden, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

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Jay Golden is an assistant professor and honors faculty in the School of Sustainability and faculty affiliate in the School of Sustainable Engineering & the Built Environment at Arizona State University. Dr. Golden focuses his teaching and research on the nexus of organizational strategies and technology innovations for sustainability. He is the Co-Director of the multiuniversity Sustainability Consortium which is developing a global standard for indexing the sustainability of consumer products. Dr. Golden also founded and directs the National Center of Excellence on SMART Innovations at Arizona State University.
Dr. Golden received his PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, and Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development from the Cambridge-MIT Institute - a joint program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Cambridge. He also holds a Professional Mastery of Project Management from Stanford University and has a bachelor’s degree in management.

He was appointed to the UN Life Cycle Management Task Force and was named an AT&T Industrial Ecology Fellow. Golden has testified before Congress on energy and climate issues, serves on the Advisory Council to Pew Center on Global Climate Change on Corporate Energy Efficiency, American Council on Renewable Energy Higher Education Committee, and voted to the Board on the Urban Environment for the American Meteorological Society. Dr. Golden serves as a special advisor on sustainability strategies to various global corporations and governments. In 2009, Dr. Golden received the Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer Award for his work on Sustainabilty education and research.

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