Engelina Jaspers, Vice President, Environmental Sustainability, HP

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As Vice President, Environmental Sustainability, Engelina Jaspers is responsible for advancing HP's global leadership position in environmental sustainability. She is responsible for multiple initiatives that build upon the company’s long-term efforts in product design, recycling, energy efficiency and the supply chain, as well as digital transformation. Her team develops environmental programs aimed at driving impactful and meaningful results for HP and its customers, manages partnerships with external environmental stakeholders and drives employee education and engagement.

Since joining HP in 1998, Ms. Jaspers has held senior marketing and communications roles both within the business groups and at the corporate level. She has led a number of transformational initiatives across HP focused on organization design, optimization and deployment. She most recently built and led HP’s multicultural practice. Prior, Ms. Jaspers spent 15 years with Kodak in customer training, sales and corporate communications.

She is a frequent presenter on employee brand engagement, multiculturalism, and marketing analytics and measurement. Jaspers has a master’s of science degree in Public Relations from Boston University and an undergraduate business degree.

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