Derek Supple, Program Director for Global Energy & Sustainability, Johnson Controls

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Derek Supple is Program Director for Global Energy & Sustainability.  In this role, he manages innovation programs focused on energy and sustainability across the Building Efficiency businesses at Johnson Controls.  His responsibilities include market research, strategic planning, product and new offering development, and customer solution design.

Prior to Johnson Controls, Mr. Supple worked in the Energy & Resources consulting practice at the Rocky Mountain Institute, where he worked with governments, utilities, and energy intensive global companies to develop cost effective climate strategies.  He has also held positions at MIT’s Lab for Energy and the Environment and at the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.  He has also served as a leader within the MIT Energy Club and as Chairman of the Environment Board for the City of Evanston, Illinois.

Mr. Supple received his BS in Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University and his MS in Technology and Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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