Brian Walser, Portfolio Energy Manager, Corporate Workplace, Bank of America

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Brian Walser joined Bank of America in June of 2006, and is responsible for managing the life cycle of energy resources at Bank of America from the purchase of energy to eventual environmental impact.  Bank of America has over 130MM square feet of space, and over 9,000 locations world-wide.  Mr. Walser leads the Utilties Team to develop budgets, purchase energy, develop efficiency projects, drive efficient behavior through awareness, and account for the environmental impact of the energy used at Bank of America. 

Prior to working at Bank of America, Mr. Walser worked for Siemens Building Technologies and Siemens Metering, for 12 years. At Siemens, Mr. Walser held various titles ranging from Product Manager, to National Operations Manager, to Energy Engineer.  He initially joined Siemens as an Energy Engineer, helping Chicago based customers to optimize their energy control systems, and develop Performance Contacting business opportunities.  He then worked on a global cross functional team to develop predecessors to today’s “Smart Metering” technologies. Finally, Mr. Walser worked to develop and deliver several new enterprise customer offerings, for the Energy and Environmental Solutions Business. While attending Milwaukee School of engineering, Mr. Walser was a consultant for Wilinski Associates, where he implemented utility rebates programs on behalf of several municipal utilities. Mr. Walser received a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Energy Systems Specialty, from Milwaukee School of Engineering. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt, and a Certified Energy Procurement Professional.

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