About Us

About the Project

Our Corporate Energy Efficiency project is a three-year research and communications effort to identify and highlight the most effective methods used by companies today to reduce their energy consumption and lower their related greenhouse gas emissions. We published a report in April 2010 summarizing key findings, with additional materials posted on this web site. The project is supported through a generous grant from Toyota.

Particular emphasis is given to management approaches that companies have implemented to improve their energy performance across five categories: Internal Operations; Buildings; Supply Chains; Products and Services; and Cross-cutting Issues

Project Activities
Project activities include a survey on corporate energy efficiency strategies, workshops, a comprehensive report, major conference, and this web portal to continuously inform on corporate energy efficiency strategies. To help guide the overall research effort, we assembled an 11-member expert advisory committee.

About the Survey
In early 2009, we distributed a 65-question survey to nearly 100 leading companies. The survey was designed to gather key quantitative data, identify trends, and gauge current activities in corporate energy efficiency.

About the Workshops
To help inform the report, we held four workshops of its Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC). The workshops brought together presenters from leading companies to discuss their efforts on different aspects of energy efficiency: Internal Operations and Facilities, Supply Chains, Products and Services, and Integrated Approaches.

About the Report
In April 2010, we published a comprehensive report on best practices in corporate energy efficiency strategies. The report summarizes key findings from the survey and workshops, and features six in-depth case studies of particularly effective company programs. The report is authored by William R. Prindle, Vice President at ICF International.

About the Conference
We released the report at a major conference in Chicago, April 6-7, 2010.  

About the Web Portal
This web site is intended to be a portal to the best information available on corporate energy efficiency strategies. This is a compilation of resources for business leaders, policy makers, journalists and others interested in learning more about corporate energy efficiency. The web portal features a searchable database of energy efficiency strategies undertaken by companies in our BELC, energy efficiency resources by topic, and information on relevant external reports, news and events.  

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