Global Emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions, primarily from the combustion of fossil fuels, have risen dramatically since the start of the industrial revolution. Most of the world’s greenhouse gas  emissions come from a relatively small number of countries. China, the United States, and the nations that make up the European Union are the three largest emitters on an absolute basis. Per capita greenhouse gas emissions are highest in the United States and Russia.

Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 1850–2040

Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Major Economies, 2000–2040

Per Capita Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 2018

Greenhouse Gas Intensity, 2018

Global Manmade Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector, 2013

Global Manmade Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Gas, 2015

Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Top Emitters, 2018

Cumulative Emissions, 1751-2017