Carbon Pricing

A growing number of jurisdictions are adopting market-based climate policies. By putting a price on carbon, these policies give businesses the incentive to innovate so they can cut emissions at the lowest possible cost.

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U.S. Takes Another Important Step Towards Improved Climate and Trade Policy
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2023: A game-changer for carbon and trade
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Carbon Tax Basics
A Conversation with Representative Scott Peters
Fireside Chat: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) on the “Save our Future” Act
Cap and Trade Basics
Market Mechanisms: Options for Climate Policy

Climate change poses a significant risk for a broad range of human and natural systems. Policies to reduce emissions are critical if we are to avoid the most costly damages associated with a rapidly changing climate. Compared to traditional command-and-control …

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State of World Carbon Pricing

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Putting a Price on It: Global Leadership on Carbon Pricing