Business Leadership

Major companies across the economy are demonstrating climate leadership by reducing their emissions, developing innovative low-carbon technologies, and supporting more ambitious government policies.

Putting Climate Scenarios Into Action
Carbon Pricing: A Case for Transformative Climate Action

The following was published Nov. 7, 2017 on the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition blog. Read original post here. Carbon pricing – in the form of a carbon tax or an emissions trading system – has become a tool …

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Pricing Externalities in Wholesale Power Markets
The Business Case for Climate Action
Business Strategies to Address Climate Change
Guide to Public-Private Collaboration on City Climate Resilience Planning

Cities and businesses are separately preparing for climate change and building their resilience to impacts. But they have not had guidance on how to work together, until now. This report lays out the value in public-private collaboration on city climate …

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Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
Business Action on Resilience
Financing Resilience
Internal Carbon Pricing