Source: istock

Top companies call for ambitious U.S. climate policy

In a statement following the 2020 election organized by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, 47 leading U.S. companies jointly urged President-elect Joe Biden and the new Congress to work together to enact ambitious, durable, and bipartisan climate solutions.

Calling climate action a “business imperative,” the companies pointed to the grave risks presented by climate change, and to the economic benefits of tackling it—from new jobs and growth to strengthened U.S. competitiveness.

The companies include top names in the power, automotive, aviation, tech, finance, manufacturing, chemicals, oil and gas, cement, mining, food, and retail sectors.

C2ES organized the statement as part of our Climate Innovation 2050 initiative, which works with companies to examine U.S. decarbonization challenges and solutions.  The initiative earlier produced Getting to Zero: A U.S. Climate Agenda, outlining federal, state, and local policies to put the United States on the path to carbon neutrality, and Restoring the Economy with Climate Solutions: Recommendations to Congress.

*This page was originally posted in December 2020 and updated in January 2021 with additional signatories.