Regional Roundtables

C2ES is hosting a series of regional roundtables to elevate the perspectives of a diverse set of stakeholders deeply embedded in their communities and uniquely positioned to speak to the needs of their states and regions. They are also meant to create opportunities to integrate local perspectives into state and federal policy contexts and, importantly, identify concrete steps to better align the long-term vitality of these communities with the urgent task of facilitating economy-wide decarbonization.

These conversations bring together local, state, and federal policymakers; businesses of all sizes; community organizations and nonprofits; leading academics and issue experts; trade associations; investors; and philanthropy. We have held ten of these roundtables to date in nearly every region of the country.

Scroll through this page to learn more about the challenges key regions of the country are facing and the opportunities they have to leverage decarbonization for economic growth.

2023 Roundtables


Direct Air Capture in Wyoming

Our May 2023 roundtable in Wyoming will explore the economic opportunity of developing the direct air capture (DAC) industry in Wyoming. Discussion sessions include: Maximizing access to geological sequestration; Developing policies to facilitate private investment at scale in large-scale DAC projects; Exploring the energy requirements for DAC projects; Considering siting of DAC projects and associated electricity/thermal generation; and identifying economic opportunities associated with the potential development of a regional DAC hub.


Securing Louisiana’s Role in the Offshore Wind Industry

Our March 2023 roundtable in New Orleans, Louisiana, will explore the economic opportunity that a thriving offshore wind industry could foster in the state. Discussion sessions include: Designing offshore wind projects for Gulf of Mexico conditions; Leveraging Louisiana’s existing expertise and assets for offshore wind; Mitigating and managing for environmental impacts; Ensuring effective community engagement and benefits sharing; and Connecting offshore wind power to users.

2022 Roundtables


Spinning the Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Industry into Economic Opportunity

Our first in-person roundtable, hosted in Virginia Beach, Virginia, explored the potential economic opportunity a thriving offshore wind industry could foster in the mid-Atlantic region. Discussion sections included: Securing the supply chain and developing a highly skilled workforce; Exploring environmental concerns; Pursuing local economic development through the growth of an offshore wind industry; Designing an effective, inclusive community engagement and consultation strategy; and building a cooperative regional policy environment.

Key Takeaways

Policy Brief


Manufacturing a Decarbonized Future in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Our southwestern Pennsylvania roundtable explored what a climate-aligned and decarbonized future could look like for this region’s manufacturing sector. The conversation covered how to make the region an investment destination for low-carbon manufacturing, as well as how decarbonization could facilitate localized economic revitalization.

Key Takeaways


Advancing Resilience and Economic Development in Southeast Florida

Our Southeast Florida roundtable focused on Miami explored opportunities to leverage economic development, public and private investment to bolster climate resilience in the region, as well as the ways in which proactive climate resilience measures can help attract and retain businesses in a thriving local economy.

Key Takeaways


Securing Louisiana’s Role in a Decarbonized Future

Our Louisiana roundtable examined how the accelerating global shift toward low-carbon industry may impact Louisiana’s global competitiveness; how strategies to decarbonize industry can serve fence-line communities and the workers who power the state’s economy; and what steps need to be taken at the state and federal levels to align climate and economic objectives in Louisiana.

Key Takeaways

Policy Brief


Accelerating Vehicle Electrification in Michigan

Our Michigan roundtable explored vehicle electrification, including ways to accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure to support a rapidly electrifying vehicle fleet, and how the changing needs of the electric vehicle industry will shape the automotive workforce of tomorrow.

Key Takeaways

Policy Brief

2021 Roundtables


Fueling a Low-carbon Future in Utah: The Role of Hydrogen

Our Utah roundtable explored the growing interest in hydrogen in Utah, the challenges that must be addressed to realize the industry’s potential, and how investments in hydrogen innovation and infrastructure could spur economic development in the state.

Key Takeaways

Policy Brief

Blog: In Utah, hydrogen offers promise, but barriers remain


Building a Thriving, Clean and Equitable Economy in Arizona

Our Arizona roundtable, in partnership with Arizona Thrives and Arizona Forward, explored the role of clean power in facilitating Arizona’s transition to an equitable, resilient, and low-carbon economy.

Key Takeaways

Policy Brief

Blog: Arizona’s future depends on climate action

West Virginia

Investing in West Virginia’s Future: Aligning Climate and Economic Development

Our West Virginia roundtable considered ways to leverage West Virginia’s strengths to attract private investments that could create a vibrant and diversified economy that can thrive in a low-carbon future; barriers to investment; and how policymakers can partner with the private sector to address these barriers and support industry and economic growth in West Virginia.

Key Takeaways

Policy Brief

Webinar: Seizing the Opportunity: Climate Investments in West Virginia’s Future Economy

2020 Roundtables


Enhancing Industrial Competitiveness by Reducing Emissions 

Our Columbus, Ohio, roundtable explored solutions to industrial energy efficiency and clean thermal heat in the industrial sector.

Key Takeaways


Soil Health and the Bioeconomy

Our Iowa roundtable in Des Moines explored solutions for enhancing soil health for profitability, water quality, and carbon sequestration and accelerating the bioeconomy.

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Decarbonizing Buildings

Our Illinois roundtable in Chicago explored energy efficiency and environmental justice in the residential building sector, as well as decarbonizing commercial and public buildings.

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Getting to Zero: A Regional Roundtable

Our Texas roundtable in Houston explored the future of the oil and gas industry, the challenges of decarbonizing urban transportation, and opportunities to enhance U.S. industrial competitiveness.

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