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3 new strategies to help communities unlock resilience funding ahead of another summer of extreme weather
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New Leadership Principles Set a Guiding Compass for Corporate Climate Resilience Pathways Initiative
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Investing in Resilience: Technology’s Role in Strengthening the Grid
Working Principles for Corporate Climate Resilience Leadership

As part of a new initiative to catalyze corporate climate resilience leadership, C2ES, Resilience Rising, and Resilience First, have engaged cross-sector stakeholders—including businesses, NGOs, and resilience-focused organizations—to develop guiding principles that reflect how companies can demonstrate leadership in advancing resilience …

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Climate Resilience Pathways: Catalyzing Private Sector Action

Businesses’ ability to adapt to climate change is a strategic imperative. Yet, despite the growing need to manage and respond to climate risks, a staggering 80% of companies lack a comprehensive plan for climate adaptation. This gap is a call …

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Accelerating Resilience: Wildfire and Heat Strategies for Colorado’s North Front Range

Summary Report of the 2023 Climate Resilient Communities Accelerator Colorado is at the frontlines of climate change impacts, including growing wildfire and heat hazards. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) launched the first regional Climate Resilient Communities Accelerator …

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7 key action areas emerge for wildfire, heat resilience on Colorado’s North Front Range
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The importance of the Global Goal on Adaptation at COP28
U.S. State Climate Action Plans

33 states have released a climate action plan or are in the process of revising or developing one. This includes 32 states that have released plans and 1 state that is updating its plan. Climate action plans generally include greenhouse …

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Climate Week insights: Catalyzing corporate resilience