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Playing ball with a changing climate
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A quick dive into candidate climate plans
Extreme Weather and Climate Change
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Is Climate Change to Blame for Record-Setting Tornado Reports?
Local Action on Energy Efficiency
What is Climate Resilience, and Why Does it Matter?

The scientific evidence is overwhelming: The climate is changing, and human activity is the primary factor in the acceleration of climate change over the past century. Regardless of how successful humans are at limiting the root causes of our warming …

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U.S. State Climate Action Plans

Many states have completed comprehensive Climate Action Plans, or are in the process of revising or developing one. The plans detail steps that the states can take to reduce their contribution to climate change. The process of developing a climate …

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Record wildfires push 2018 disaster costs to $91 billion
Maximizing Benefits: Strategies for Community Resilience

American communities are facing growing and shifting climate risks. The evidence is in the growing costs of disasters which soared to more than $300 billion in 2017, breaking 2005’s record of $219 billion, according to NOAA data. Underlying these headline-making …

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Key Insights into Prioritizing Resilience Strategies

Governments and businesses are acting to promote resilience to climate change impacts. However, resilience planning does not occur in a vacuum. Organizations have multiple goals, including satisfying stakeholders, meeting sustainability objectives, addressing traditional pollution issues, and advancing social equity—and they …

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