Climate-Related Financial Risk
National Climate Bank Proposals in the 117th Congress

The idea of a national climate bank has gained renewed attention. Congress last seriously considered a climate bank proposal in 2009 that would create the Clean Energy Development Administration (CEDA), with key functions based on the green bank model. Since …

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Catalyzing Investment with a National Climate Bank

Developing, deploying, and scaling low- and zero-carbon technologies in time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change—while also bolstering resilience to climate impacts—will require an unprecedented infusion of capital in a very short time frame. Over the past decade, …

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COP26: Climate Finance Issues
Climate Finance: Issues for COP26

Climate finance refers to the local, national, or transnational financing that supports mitigation and adaptation actions to address climate change. It can be drawn from public, private, and alternative sources of financing. In accordance with the principles of the UN …

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Catalyzing Investment with a National Climate Bank: Lessons from Subnational Green Banks
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Competitive local economies can spur a resilient recovery
Factoring in Climate Resilience for City Competitiveness
The Competitive Edge of Resilient Cities
The Resilience Factor: A Competitive Edge for Climate-Ready Cities

Increasingly, U.S. cities and regions are facing costly climate impacts that are having significant effects on local businesses and communities. This report explores how the economic competitiveness of U.S. cities will be impacted as climate impacts worsen – and how …

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