Firing Up Clean Hydrogen in Texas

As a global energy leader and the ninth-largest economy in the world, Texas is well-positioned to play a leading role in hydrogen market development in the United States and globally. Texas has unique local characteristics that may enhance the state’s …

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Carbon Capture
Renewable Energy
C2ES Comments on Proposed EPA Power Plant Rule

Comments of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions on New Source Performance Standards for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New, Modified, and Reconstructed Fossil Fuel-Fired Electric Generating Units; Emission Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Existing Fossil Fuel-Fired Electric Generating …

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Securing Louisiana’s Role in the Offshore Wind Industry

Decades of experience in offshore energy have positioned Louisiana to play a significant role in growing the U.S. offshore wind industry. Louisiana’s workforce and expertise can be leveraged to facilitate wind projects in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as …

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Manufacturing a Decarbonized Future in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is called the Keystone State for a reason: For centuries, the state—and Southwestern Pennsylvania, in particular—has been critical to producing the energy and goods that helped build the nation, including coal, steel, aluminum, and glass. The heavy industrial and …

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Engineered Carbon Dioxide Removal: Scalability and Durability

Given the scale of the climate crisis, the short timeframe for action, and insufficient progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there is broad scientific agreement that large-scale deployment of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies and approaches are needed to counter …

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Short-lived Climate Pollutants
A Climate for Business: Investing in U.S. Competitiveness