Nat Keohane on the Working Group III Contribution to IPCC’s AR6

Statement of Nathaniel Keohane 
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions    

April 4, 2022 

On the findings of the Working Group III Contribution to the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6): 

“The picture that emerges from the latest report of the IPCC is a sobering one, but contains important seeds of hope. Emissions of climate pollutants continue to rise and are at record levels. The gap between the trajectory we are on, and the path we need to follow to secure a safe and stable climate, continues to widen. We are off track and headed in the wrong direction, and our margin for error narrows rapidly with each year of delay. 

“At the same time, this report also provides some good news. Policies to cut climate pollution are succeeding and being adopted in countries and subnational jurisdictions around the world, and emissions are falling in several regions as a result. Moving to a lower-carbon pathway in emerging economies and developing countries can also help achieve other sustainable development goals, strengthen adaptation and resilience to climate change, and provide a range of co-benefits including cleaner air and better public health. 

“Perhaps the best news is that the technologies we need to cut emissions sharply in the coming decade are widely available and getting cheaper by the day: Indeed, many means of cutting emissions, including generating electricity from wind and solar power, cutting methane emissions from oil and gas production, and reducing energy demand across the economy, already pay for themselves.  

“The task now is to take advantage of that nascent momentum. Policies and a re-orientation of finance and investment are needed to accelerate the transition to a thriving, just, and resilient net-zero-emissions future. The steps to take are clear. Phase out coal immediately, especially for electric generation. Accelerate the shift away from other unabated fossil fuels. Deploy technologies to cut emissions now and invest in the innovations we will need in the decades ahead. Provide additional finance for the low-carbon transition in developing countries to ensure that the benefits and opportunities of a net-zero future are shared by all. 

“We know what is needed for a safe and stable climate. Now we need to act.” 


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