Judi Greenwald’s Statement on California Linking its Carbon Market with Quebec’s

Statement of Judi Greenwald
Vice President, Technology and Innovation
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

April 19, 2013

California’s decision today to link its carbon market with Quebec’s is an important step in expanding the use of market-based mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Now that Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Air Resources Board have both given their approval, the path is clear for California and Quebec to formally link their programs starting Jan. 1, 2014.

C2ES supports the efforts of governments around the globe to link separate cap-and-trade programs to realize cost efficiencies across borders, increase market liquidity, and work toward a more integrated international framework for climate action.

Thirty-two countries now participate in systems that aim to limit emissions and encourage technological advances by allowing the trading of carbon emissions allowances. Smaller cap-and-trade programs are also sprouting up in regions and even cities.

California has held two successful cap-and-trade auctions. As the ninth largest economy in the world, its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have an impact by themselves. But linking the separate trading policies that are emerging around the world will make them even more effective.

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