Eileen Claussen’s Statement on the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

Statement of Eileen Claussen

President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Sept. 27, 2013

This latest assessment from the IPCC reaffirms with greater certainty than ever that human activity is warming the planet and that unabated carbon emissions threaten to irreversibly alter our climate.

Indeed, the report confirms that Arctic ice is melting faster than previously predicted and that sea level rise has been accelerating. The report also reinforces the link between climate change and the occurrence of extreme events such as heat waves and heavy rainfall.

The businesses we work with recognize the rising risks posed by climate change. In a recent study, we found that 90 percent of S&P Global 100 companies see extreme weather and climate change as current or near-term business risks. They worry about closed factories, loss of power or water, disruption of supply and distribution chains, and rising commodity and insurance costs.  Many companies are taking steps to strengthen their climate resilience and investing in a low-carbon future.

The IPCC report is simply the latest reminder that governments and business alike must take stronger action to reduce carbon emissions and to prepare for climate impacts that it’s too late to avoid.

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