C2ES releases framework for helping small businesses build climate resilience

Press Release
May 30, 2017
Contact: Marty Niland nilandm@c2es.org, 703-516-0600

C2ES releases framework for helping small businesses build climate resilience

WASHINGTON – Small businesses provide more than half of the jobs in the United States, but almost 40 percent never recover from an extreme weather disaster. A new report from C2ES outlines ways state and local governments can help small businesses better evaluate, prepare for, and recover from the increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events that climate change brings.

C2ES surveyed more than 40 stakeholders around Maryland and found:

  • Fewer than half of small businesses were aware of their risks from climate change and extreme weather.
  • While 98 percent of small businesses had experienced impacts from extreme weather events, only 38 percent changed operations or planning in response.
  • Businesses do not know where to find additional information on climate risks, and available resources do not directly address relevant local risks.

In response, C2ES developed a framework with four key recommendations for state and local officials on engaging with small businesses on weather and climate resilience:

  1. Use trusted messengers to convey climate information, such as a local Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, and other organizations small businesses typically interact with.
  2. Leverage existing channels of communication, such as state and local agencies that already interact with businesses on preparedness, emergency planning, flood management, long-term planning, and economic development.
  3. Identify new opportunities to develop programs on small business resilience, such as public-private partnerships and business resilience networks.
  4. Distribute targeted information, like sector- and location-specific information to help businesses better understand risks and opportunities for enhancing resilience.

“Extreme weather and other climate impacts are real threats to small businesses and the communities they help support,” said C2ES President Bob Perciasepe. “State and local governments can help by developing additional ways to communicate with small businesses about those risks. This will enable more businesses to build resilience now to help better prepare them for the future.”

Read the report.

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