Bob Perciasepe on the release of the National Petroleum Council study

Statement of Bob Perciasepe
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

December 12, 2019

On today’s release of the National Petroleum Council (NPC) study, Meeting the Dual Challenge: A Roadmap to At-Scale Deployment of CCUS:

“Carbon capture, utilization, and storage is an essential tool in the climate solutions toolbox, and the new study from the National Petroleum Council provides a real roadmap to deploying it in the United States. The NPC study wisely drew from a wide range of experts in an effort to provide policymakers and the public with real-world estimates of the cost of deployment and suggest policy drivers needed to close the cost gap.

“It is important that the Petroleum Council recognizes the essential importance of addressing climate change with policy recommendations. Decisive government action to encourage deployment can increase carbon capture capacity in the United States by a factor of 10 or more within a decade and put the disposal of hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide within our grasp. The ‘dual challenge’ of climate and energy is the foundation on which C2ES was founded, and we are proud to have contributed our voice to this important study.”

The study was requested by the U.S. Secretary of Energy in September 2017 and includes input from more than 300 experts. C2ES President Bob Perciasepe served on the study’s coordinating subcommittee.

Learn more about C2ES carbon capture research and analysis here.


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