Bob Perciasepe on the Paris Agreement crossing the threshold for entry into force

Statement of Bob Perciasepe
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

October 5, 2016

On today’s news that the Paris Agreement has crossed the threshold for entry into force:

“The swift entry into force of the Paris Agreement is the clearest sign yet that the world is mobilizing to fight climate change. But the toughest work is still ahead.

The agreement commits all countries to do their best to combat climate change, and provides us the tools to hold them accountable. Its strong transparency system will make clear whether countries are keeping their promises and contributing their fair share to the global effort. And the requirement that countries update their contributions every five years will work to strengthen ambition over time.

Now it’s up to governments to fulfill their promises through strong domestic policies that will meet their initial targets and go further in the years ahead. Mayors, governors, CEOs and others are also responding to the signals from Paris and will be critical to achieving its promise.”

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