Bob Perciasepe on the inauguration of President Joe Biden

Statement of Bob Perciasepe

President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

January 20, 2021

On the inauguration of President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Administration’s executive actions:

“We welcome and celebrate the inauguration today of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as an historic opportunity to rededicate our country to the urgent task of meeting the challenge of climate change.

“By moving immediately to rejoin the Paris Agreement, President Biden has wasted no time in signaling to the world that the United States stands ready to again exercise its leadership, and assume its responsibility, in tackling this profound global challenge. And with other executive actions today, the president has initiated a range of domestic measures and processes that will help engage stakeholders and position the United States to deliver on that promise.

“Despite the absence of federal leadership over the past four years, cities, states, companies, and many others have continued to strengthen their efforts to put the United States on the path toward a carbon-neutral, climate-resilient future. Last month, in a bipartisan vote, Congress enacted a series of measures to speed the nation’s clean energy transition. In a joint statement organized by C2ES, 47 of the country’s leading companies have pledged to work with President Biden and Congress to enact ambitious, durable, bipartisan climate solutions.

“As the nation turns to the immediate challenges of containing the pandemic and restoring the economy, we urge the new administration and Congress to work closely with state and local governments, the business community, and other stakeholders to seize every opportunity to advance climate solutions. Most especially, we urge lawmakers of both parties to heed the president’s call for unity and work across the aisle to achieve ambitious, just, and lasting outcomes.

“C2ES looks forward to working with partners old and new, and to assisting our elected leaders, to realize the potential and promise of this historic day.”

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