Bob Perciasepe on the election of Joseph R. Biden as President of the United States

Statement of Bob Perciasepe
President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

November 7, 2020

On the election of Joseph R. Biden as President of the United States:

“The election of Joe Biden as president presents a vital opportunity to accelerate U.S. climate action. There is no time to waste.

“Even in the absence of White House leadership, American states, cities, companies, and citizens have continued to make strong progress against climate change. Despite the pandemic, leading companies are setting ambitious carbon neutrality goals. Yet worsening fires, floods, hurricanes, and drought make clear that the stakes are growing only more dire. To spare our communities from ever-worsening impacts, realize the economic benefits of a clean energy transition, and restore U.S. leadership, we must put ourselves on a course to decarbonize the U.S. economy.

“We need ambitious policies that harness market forces, mobilize investment and innovation, and ensure a just transition. And to be durable, these policies should be bipartisan. We are encouraged that a growing number of Republican lawmakers favor climate solutions and are hopeful that others will join them in pressing for action.

“We urge the new president and Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, to make the inroads necessary to overcome deep divisions and enact policies that can both contribute to economic recovery and set us on a path to carbon neutrality. C2ES is committed to working with policymakers and the members of our Business Environmental Leadership Council to do all we can to achieve ambitious and durable climate solutions.”

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