How to Design Comprehensive Climate & Energy Legislation

The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions produces a variety of reports and publications that may be useful to policymakers. Through a generous grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Center has developed several resources to aid policymakers in the design and development of comprehensive climate & energy legislation.

The Congressional Policy Brief Series walks policymakers through important design choices and the strengths and weaknesses of various policy approaches. The briefs are divided into two books:

Cap-and-Trade Design Elements for a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program:

Complementary Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions:


The Climate Policy Memos focus on recent climate legislation and are responsive to common questions from policymakers and their staff. There are currently seven policy memos:


The Climate Policy Briefing Videos are a series of Congressional briefings on a variety of critical climate change policy issues.


The Congressional Policy Brief and Climate Policy Memo series were made possible through a generous grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation as the Pew Center on Global Climate. The views expressed in these documents are solely those of the Center and its staff.