Financing Microgrids: Opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships

Financing Microgrids:  Opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships

Tuesday, April 25, 2017, Noon – 1:15 p.m., EDT

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Microgrids offer opportunities for local communities to invest in energy-efficient and low-carbon sources of electricity while improving their resilience to extreme weather and security risks.  Microgrids provide about 1.6 GW or roughly 0.2 percent of U.S. electricity. They are especially useful for universities, hospitals, and military bases.

This webinar features microgrid exper

Speaker Bios

Shalom Flank, Ph.D.
Microgrid Architect
Urban Ingenuity

Dr. Flank became the nation's first "microgrid architect" more than a dozen years ago, as Pareto Energy's Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Flank has served as microgrid architect for a number of project development companies, including Urban Ingenuity, Pareto, and Anbaric.

Dr. Flank manages technical, financial, and regulatory aspects of their microgrid projects, from initial assessments and conceptual design, through financing, permitting, and engineering. In addition, he currently serves as the project director for the District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment's three-year microgrid study, including kicking off a new Microgrid Extension Service.

He has also overseen the development of proprietary microgrid technologies, such as Pareto's "GridLink" non-synchronous interconnection technology.  Dr. Flank received his Ph.D. from MIT and his B.A. in Physics from Cornell University.

Kyle Haas
Energy Policy and Compliance Analyst
District of Columbia Department of Energy
and Environment

Mr. Haas works closely with policymakers, ratepayers, businesses and utilities to achieve the District’s energy system goals. This work includes drafting comments on behalf of the District of Columbia Government in regulatory proceedings, analyzing legislative initiatives and managing grant programs.

His area of practice is multidisciplinary – blending quantitative and qualitative skills to enable sustainable change in the District.

Mr. Haas has contributed to legislative and executive policy on the federal, state and local levels, contributing to deliverables like Clean Energy DCMaryland Resiliency Through Microgrids Task Force Report. He regularly speaks at events including The National Summit on Smart Grid and Climate Change, Grid Edge Live, The Soft Grid.

Doug Vine
Senior Energy Fellow
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Mr. Vine supports the center’s work on global and domestic energy production and utilization. Additionally, he focuses on topical energy issues including electric power, natural gas, and oil market developments.

Mr. Vine previously worked at Meridian Energy, New Zealand’s largest electricity generator. He also worked for Genscape and Thomson Reuters Point Carbon, where he focused on U.S. regional electricity markets.

Mr. Vine holds an MBA from the Victoria University of Wellington. He also holds a Master of Science in systems engineering from Virginia Tech and Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland.

Fatima Maria Ahmad
Solutions Fellow
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Ms. Ahmad focuses on financing opportunities and policy development for energy technologies, including carbon capture, use, and storage (CCUS).

In a volunteer capacity, Ms. Ahmad is the co-chair of the American Bar Association Section of International Law International Environmental Law Committee and is the Women’s Council on Energy & the Environment vice-chair for membership.