C2ES Events in Marrakech

Charting a Low-Carbon Course for the U.S. Economy

November 15, 2016
4 p.m. -- 5 p.m. (11 a.m.-Noon EST)
U.S. Center, Blue Zone

See a recap of this event on our blog: Businesses continue to lead on climate

American business understands that there is both opportunity in getting ahead of the climate curve, and considerable risk and cost to inaction. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) and the Edison Electric Institute co-host this side event to showcase the actions of mainstream US businesses, including those who have signed the American Business Act on Climate Pledge, and are members of the C2ES Business Environmental Leadership Council, a group of 30 companies with a combined $2.3 trillion in revenue and over 3 million employees that support mandatory climate policy and are acting to reduce emissions. See our business statement applauding the Paris Agreement.


Cathy Woollums
Senior Vice President, Environmental Services and Chief Environmental Counsel
Berkshire Hathaway Energy

Nanette Lockwood
Global Director, Policy and Advocacy
Ingersoll Rand

Kevin Rabinovitch
Global Sustainability Director
Mars Incorporated

Tamara “TJ” DiCaprio
Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability

Eric Holdsworth
Senior Director, Climate Programs

Moderator: Elliot Diringer
Executive Vice President

Post-Election: The Outlook for U.S. Climate Policy

November 16, 2016
6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
IETA Pavilion, Blue Zone

U.S. policymakers and business leaders will provide their perspectives on what this pivotal election means for climate progress in Washington and at the state level. 


Nathaniel Keohane
Vice President, Global Climate
Environmental Defense Fund

Josh Klein
Senior Professional Staff
Senate Foreign Relations Committee 

Matt Rodriquez
Secretary for Environmental Protection

Cathy Woollums
Senior Vice President, Environmental Services and Chief Environmental Counsel
Berkshire Hathaway Energy

Elliot Diringer
Executive Vice President, C2ES
Reception: Business-Driven Diplomacy
November 16, 2016
7 p.m. – 9 p.m.
U.S. Center, Blue Zone
Reception at the U.S. Center recognizing the role of the private sector in addressing climate change and reducing GHG emissions. Attendees are expected to include delegates from the EU, Umbrella Group, and developing countries, as well as business and industry representatives from around the world, environmental NGOs and academia. It will feature remarks by U.S. delegation official TBD, Elliot Diringer (C2ES), and Dirk Forrester (IETA).