Accenture Sustainability 24

On May 25, 2011 Sustainability 24 will unite leading thinkers, Non Governmental Organizations, business high performers and sustainability service providers enabling them to share fresh ideas, innovations and thought-provoking concepts associated with the adoption of wider sustainability practices throughout business. During the 24 hour event business and local government leaders will demonstrate how they have embedded sustainability their organizations and governments, not only to drive efficiencies and cost savings, but also to drive differentiation in their markets through innovation. 

Meg Crawford, a Markets and Business Strategy Fellow, will participate on the panel Sustainability and Carbon Performance Management: Understanding Performance Levers to Drive Sustainability Success. During this presentation you will hear how Sustainability Performance Management processes can help meet both strategic business and stakeholder objectives. Join leading figures for live Q&A to learn how measuring the value of sustainability initiatives, and carbon management, is imperative to driving the sustainability agenda.