10-50 Workshop Proceedings

1050 Proceedings Report Cover

The 10-50 Solution: Technologies and Policies for a Low-Carbon Future
Co-sponsored by the Pew Centr on Global Climate Change and the National Commission on Energy Policy (March 25-26, 2004)



Executive Summary (pdf)

Proceedings Overview (pdf)

Full Proceedings (pdf)


Workshop Papers:

Gilbert Metcalf, Tufts University (Overview) (pdf)
Lynn Price and Ernst Worrell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (pdf)
Vivian Loftness, Carnegie Mellon University (pdf)
Richard Newell, Resources for the Future (pdf)

Joan Ogden, UC-Davis (Overview) (pdf)
David Greene, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (pdf)
Ford Motor Company (pdf)
Gene Nemanich, National Hydrogen Association (pdf)
Venki Raman, Air Products and Chemicals (pdf)

Carbon Sequestration/Coal Gasification
Sally Benson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Overview) (pdf)
Dale Simbeck, SFA Pacific, Inc (pdf)
Robert Burruss, United States Geological Survey (pdf)
Jon Davis, Rio Tinto (pdf)
Advanced Nuclear Power Generation
Ernest Moniz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Overview) (pdf)
Thomas Cochran, Natural Resources Defense Council (pdf)
Marilyn Kray, Exelon (pdf)

Martin Hoffert, New York University (Overview) (pdf)
Dan Kammen, UC-Berkeley (pdf)
Roger Anderson, Columbia University (pdf)
Gene Berry, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (pdf)

Opportunities in Industry Presentations
Pat Atkins, Alcoa (pdf)
Chris Mottershead, BP (pdf)
Robert Wimmer, Toyota North America (pdf)
Bob Prolman, Weyerhaeuser (pdf)

Figure 1: Low-Carbon Technological Options: Status and Potential
Figure 2: Policy Options for a Low-Carbon Future


Workshop Presentations

Opening Session
UK’s 50 year energy strategy
Joan MacNaughton, Director General, Energy, UK Department of Trade and Industry
(download PDF of presentation)

Opportunities in Industry Session - De-Coupling Business Growth from Carbon  Emissions
Pat Atkins, Alcoa (download PDF of presentation)
Chris Mottershead, BP (download PDF of presentation)
Robert Wimmer, Toyota North America (download PDF of presentation)
Bob Prolman, Weyerhaeuser (download PDF of presentation)

SESSION: Efficiency, Hydrogen, Coal Gasification/Carbon Sequestration

Energy Efficiency Overview
Gilbert E. Metcalf, Tufts University
(download PDF of presentation)

Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier: Outlook for 2010, 2030 and 2050
Joan Ogden, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis
(download PDF of presentation)

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in Underground Storage in Underground Geologic Formations
Sally M. Benson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
(download PDF of presentation)

High Natural Gas Prices Could Impact Environmental Imperatives
Melanie Kenderdine, Vice President, Gas Technology Institute
(download PDF of presentation)

                                                                                                                   SESSION: Advanced Nuclear Generation/Renewables Session

Nuclear Power and Climate Change
Ernest J. Moniz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(download PDF of presentation)

Renewables Overview
Marty Hoffert, New York University 
(download PDF of presentation)

                                                                                                                    SESSION: Cross-Cutting Themes

Integrating Common Themes: Some Observations forthe Workshop on Technologies and Policies for a Low-Carbon Future
John P. Holdren, NCEP Tri-Chair, Harvard University
(download PDF of presentation)