Elliot Diringer’s pre-COP 24 Media Briefing

C2ES previews the U.N. climate talks scheduled to begin December 2 in Katowice, Poland. C2ES Executive Vice President Elliot Diringer shares insights on the key issues and outcomes at COP 24.

A major focus of COP 24 will be adoption of the Paris ‘rulebook’ outlining the operational details of the landmark Paris Agreement.

Diringer, who has been engaged in the U.N. climate talks for more than 20 years, recently led a series of informal workshops bringing together senior negotiators from key countries to examine the key issues. A new C2ES report, Essential Elements of the Paris ‘Rulebook, offers our distillation of the points of convergence we saw emerge.

Issues to be addressed include:

  • Potential “landing zones” on key rulebook issues
  • How the Talanoa Dialogue can set the stage for stronger commitments in 2020
  • How robust rules contribute to climate ambition
  • How the United States, China and other key countries are approaching COP 24


Elliot Diringer
, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions