Pre-Report: Energy Efficiency Workshop IV: Sharing Best Practices

Energy Efficiency Workshop IV - Sharing Best Practices
The Pew Center on Global Climate Change hosted its fourth Corporate Energy Efficiency Workshop on July 14, 2009. Presentations from the workshop are available below. Click on the speaker's name to view the presentations.


Company Panel 1: Integrated Approaches
Jennifer Bowman, Program Director, Energy & Climate Change, The Dow Chemical Company
Jay Dietrich,Corporate Environmental Affairs Program Manager, Climate Stewardship, IBM Corporation
Paul Vitello, Director, Environmental Sustainability, United Technologies Corporation


Company Panel 2: Internal Operations, Supply Chain Approaches, & Products & Services
Bruce Bremer,Manager, Facility Engineering, Toyota
Robert Schasel,Director of Energy, Utilities and Resource Conservation, PepsiCo
Bruce Harris,Director, Federal Government Relations—Sustainability, Wal-Mart
Bruce Schlein,Corporate Sustainability, Citi



Workshop I:
Operational & Facilities Strategies
Workshop II:
Supply Chain Strategies
Workshop III:
Products and Services
Workshop IV:
Sharing Best Practices

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