Climate Essentials

Our “Climate Essentials” publication series offers a foundation of knowledge and ideas to understand the deeper issues of climate change, energy use, resilience and sustainability that affect our world today. This special series explains the basics of climate change impacts across the U.S. economy, highlighting actions taken to build resilience and reduce emissions.

Business Risks, Opportunities and Leadership What’s the role of business in responding to climate change? Find out how corporate leaders see the risks and potential opportunities presented both by climate change itself and by measures and policies to address it.
What is Climate Resilience, and Why Does it Matter? Regardless of how successful we are at limiting the root causes of our warming planet, society faces more frequent severe weather, extended droughts, and extreme temperatures. Learn what it means to build resilience and how resilience not only protects people and property, but can also spur the economy to create jobs and drive prosperity.
Science and Impacts Why is our world warming, and what are the consequences? Understand the science behind warming and climate change, as well as the impacts they have on our world and how science is informing actions we take to mitigate the impacts and build resilience.
Investing in Resilience Resilience efforts must be made at the local level, sometimes even at the level of individual structures or facilities. This requires an unprecedented combined and coordinated effort. Read about how we can put a price tag on resilience investments and the economic benefits they can provide.

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