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To meet the climate challenge, the United States needs a comprehensive national approach. Well-designed federal policy can cut emissions and strengthen resilience while driving economic growth.

Federal Vehicle Standards
Projecting and Accelerating U.S. Greenhouse Gas Reductions

More than 190 nations representing more than 95 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions offered “nationally determined contributions” (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement reached in December 2015. The NDC submitted by the Obama administration on behalf of the United States …

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Congress and Climate Change
Congress Climate History
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Bipartisan support grows for carbon capture
Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Aircraft
Canada Interconnected Infographic

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Interconnected: Canadian and U.S. Electricity

The U.S. and Canadian electric power grids are connected through 37 major transmission lines from New England to the Pacific Northwest. The interconnected North American power grid provides numerous benefits for Canada and the United States, including enhanced electric reliability, …

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The clean-energy transition is powering the U.S. economy
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EV sales are up, but we still need fuel economy standards