Resilience Solutions

Even as we work to avoid worse impacts in the future, the public and private sectors must act now to strengthen our resilience to the unavoidable impacts of warming that’s already underway.

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Reforming National Flood Insurance Program
Impacts and Adaptation Options in the Gulf Coast

Introduction The central and western U.S. Gulf Coast is increasingly vulnerable to a range of potential hazards associated with climate change. Hurricanes are high-profile hazards that threaten this region with strong winds, heavy rain, storm surge and high waves. Sea-level rise is a longer-term hazard …

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Degrees of Risk: Defining a Risk Management Framework for Climate Security

There is a growing consensus in the security community that climate change presents significant risks to the delivery of national, regional and global security goals. Through sea level rise, shortages of food and water and severe weather events, climate change …

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Adapting to Climate Change: A Call for Federal Leadership

This report highlights the important role of the federal government in reducing the vulnerability and strengthening the resiliency of our economy and natural resources in the face of these changes. In addition to managing a significant amount of land and …

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Adaptation Planning: What U.S. States and Localities are Doing

While governments act to mitigate future climate change, they must also plan and act to address the impacts. Adaptation will require creativity, compromise, and collaboration across agencies, sectors and traditional geographic boundaries. This paper focuses on adaptation plans and actions …

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Adapting to Climate Change: A New Frontier for Business

The past several years have seen a steady transformation of business attitudes and behavior on climate change. Faced with the prospect of new regulations, increased pressure from shareholders and changing consumer demands, many companies are developing comprehensive corporate strategies to …

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The Role of Adaptation in the U.S.

Coping with Global Climate Change: The Role of Adaptation in the United States   Throughout the next century and beyond, global climate change will have significant effects on both important economic sectors and natural resources across the United States.   Global …

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