Resilience Solutions

Even as we work to avoid worse impacts in the future, the public and private sectors must act now to strengthen our resilience to the unavoidable impacts of warming that’s already underway.

Collaboration for Strengthening Climate Resilience in Detroit

Detroit is projected to experience higher temperatures, more frequent and intense precipitation events, and fluctuating lake levels. These changes will pose various challenges to the city, threatening homes, infrastructure, and human health and safety. Various groups have taken steps to …

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Maryland: Climate Change is Here and Now

Today we are already experiencing the types of impacts, which are expected to become more intense and occur more frequently as a result of climate change. In the past two years, Maryland has experienced floods, excessive heat and drought leading …

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Are businesses prepared for climate impacts?
Weathering the Next Storm: A Closer Look at Business Resilience Infographic

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Weathering the Next Storm: A Closer Look at Business Resilience
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Companies are planning for climate risks
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