Kick start spring with 5 green ideas

Spring is the season of renewal, making it the perfect time to re-evaluate and refresh how we go about living and working sustainably on the planet. Turn over a new leaf this spring by trying any or all of the following five suggestions for treading more lightly on the earth.

  1. Avoid waste: What we buy and discard creates tons of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The average American creates 4 pounds of trash daily. Keep would-be-waste to a minimum by making smart choices before you consume. Here are three tips: BYORM (bring your own reusable mug) to your favorite drink shop; carry reusable bags when shopping; or use Pyrex, Tupperware or reusable snack bags for leftovers after dining out.
  2. Mix up your commute: Are you one of the millions of Americans who drive nearly 30 miles a day – more often than not alone? Try a new way to get where you’re going. Use bike shares, take public transportation, join a carpool or try an uberPOOL.
  3. Grow your curb appeal: With spring around the corner, it is a fine time to add native trees and other plants to your yard or community garden. This greenery will capture carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Once established, native plants are low-maintenance and survive well on available water. They also enhance the look of your home or community. For more tips, check this guide to native plant gardening.
  4. Think whole-home efficiency: Look into energy dashboards to help manage your electronics, lights and appliances. If you treat your home’s electricity as a system rather than a collection of outlets, you can make better decisions about your energy needs and avoid wasting energy. You can also increase your home’s value. An energy-efficient home fetches more on the market than a non-efficient home.
  5. Get out and benefit from nature: A recent study found those who spent time outside in green space were happier and more focused. Plan an outing with friends or co-workers to get outdoors and in nature, be it a clean-up of a local park or just a long walk.

Not sure where to start? The first step can be to find your carbon footprint with our fast and easy carbon calculator. Then make pledges to commit to simple steps so you’ll be more sustainable. Each action saves you energy, money, and helps the environment.