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Capitol Hill Briefings on Cap and Trade

Hill Briefing: Three Regional Greenhouse Gas Cap and Trade Initiatives in the United States 
November 9, 2009
This briefing examines the status of the three U.S. regional greenhouse gas cap-and-trade programs and the appropriate state and federal roles in climate policy.
Hill Briefing: How to Use Allowance Value in a Cap-and-Trade System 
September 1, 2009
This briefing presents different views on how allowance alue should be used, and key mechanisms for distributing it.
Hill Briefing: Agriculture and Climate Change - Risks & Opportunities  
August 25, 2009
This briefing addresses the role of agricultural offsets in energy and climate policy, the potential for bioenergy, and the impacts that agriculture could face from a changing climate.

Hill Briefing: Carbon Market Design & Oversight   
June 26, 2009 
This briefing discusses issues in the development and oversight of a well-functioning carbon commodity market. These topics include overall market design, options for the choice of regulator, the derivatives market, the Over-the-Counter (OTC) market, and the rules and enforcement necessary to prevent market manipulation and abuses.

Hill Briefing: Carbon Market Design & Oversight    
May 1, 2009     
This briefing frames and discusses many of the central issues in the development and oversight of a well-functioning carbon commodity market.
Hill Briefing: International Offsets   
April 24, 2009
This briefing focuses on the role and function of international offsets in a mandatory GHG cap-and-trade system.
Hill Briefing: Allowance Value   
March 27, 2009
This briefing presents views on the use of allowance value in a GHG cap-and-trade system

Hill Briefing: Domestic Offsets   
March 6, 2009
This Congressional briefing outlines the role and function of domestic offsets in a mandatory GHG cap-and-trade system.

Videos of Events and Workshops

National Security Implications of Global Climate Change
Presentation at the American Meteorological Society's 90th Annual Meeting
January 19, 2010
Senior Scientist Jay Gulledge explains why scientists must improve their assessments of security risks in their analysis of climate change.  

Ministerial Briefing on European Climate Action    
March 17, 2009
In this high-level briefing, three EU Ministers outline the bloc's climate and energy policies, including recent revisions to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and offer insights on the EU's experiences to date.
Forum on International Climate Action    
March 16, 2009
Officials of Japan, China, Mexico and the European Commission discuss their domestic climate programs and key issues in the international negotiations later this year in Copenhagen.
Benefits Workshop    
March 16-17, 2009
This two-day workshop assesses the benefits of avoided climate change.